Duplicate Events in Calendar due to Local Folders

Hi.  I am new to eM Client and am getting really baffled (and I thought that my existing Outlook was complicated!).
I set up my EMail IMAP account just fine.
I set up a CalDAV link for my Calendar OK.
BUT I then had to enable local folders in order to import my Contacts (my provider has not finished their development of a syncable system yet).  The contacts came over OK, but because I enabled local folders, I now have duplicate calendar events.
I can find no way to either:

  1. Enable just the local folder for Contacts. Or
  2. Remove the local folder for Calendar. Or
  3. Delete all local folder events (other than one-by-one which would take a lifetime).
    Am I missing the point somewhere??

Hi Robin, if you only have one calendar under the local folders it can’t be deleted, but you could either use the deduplicator to get rid off duplicates.
Or if you want to delete all the events, switch to agenda view under your calendar and select all the events by using ctrl+a and delete the selected items.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for that Paul.  I missed Agenda View.

No problem, let me know if you come across any other issues or questions, I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,