duplicate emails in global inbox

When i use the global folders inbox which combines email accounts when I receive an email it shows the email twice how can i fix this???

Just installed, confused about the same thing. Maybe it’s like and auto-save function, or it is repeatedly importing from Outlook. I emptied Outlook, and I’m going to poke around.

This usually happens when you have set Gmail account. An email with multiple labels (Starred, Important) may be shown multiple times. Is this the case?

Ha! I dicovered that I had somehow added the same email account (not Gmail) 3 times. The system told me I had exceeded my allowable 2 accounts, I said huh?

I went to >tools>accounts and saw 3 accounts, deleted the duplicates, and now my GLOBAL folder pretty much reflects my single account.

It’s fun being an idiot. Lots of excitement!

I have this problem with my gmail account - mails with multiple labels (e.g. All mail, Inbox, Important, etc) show up numerous times in the global inbox/global unread. How can I prevent this?

Login to your Gmail account in a browser, open Settings - Labels and uncheck Show in IMAP near Important and Starred. Hope it helps.

Perfect - problem solved, thank you.