Duplicate email accounts and emails

Hi I have just downloaded eM Client. I am using version 6.0.21444.0. I am using IMAP (recommended). I have 2 gmail email accounts, both are duplicated. I am moving over from Outlook 2010 and it read in/converted my .PST files, I was using POP on outlook. A day later it is still synchronising? I am now getting duplicate email sending and receiving? I would like one instance of each email account and remove duplicate emails can anyone help? Thanks Ron

Hi Ron,
you can manage and add/remove your accounts in Tools>Accounts section.
However, be careful to not lose any data, seeing as POP protocol usually removes your emails from the server (unless set up otherwise) and removing the POP account could cause a data loss.
If any of your emails are only stored locally, make sure to export them and save them first.