Duplicate contacts being created

Why, when I send an email to somone in my contact list, are they added to my contact list again?

Also I can’t deleat these duplicate contacts.

What version of eM Client are you using?

I have the same problem, except the contacts don’t appear in the contacts section of the program. They only appear in the list of candidate contacts when I’m addressing an e-mail.

I’m using eM Client 5.

That is possible because eM Client suggests you all collected contacts you typed in manually and also all contacts from your contact list.
You should be able to remove one of the suggested contacts by the red cross icon.


To really solve the problem, I think eM Client shouldn’t collect/suggest additional contacts if they are already present in the contacts list. It looks silly when the program suggests the same contact multiple times.

Do you want me to create an ‘idea’ or ‘problem’ for this?

The version that I’m using is 5, or to be more exact: 5.0.17263.0

Create and Idea and let people vote for it. Thank you.

I have a contact list that has between 20 and 60 copies of the same contact in it! What is going on eM client? This makes the program look like a schoolboy effort. I had hoped to ditch Outlook, but if eM can’t even handle a simple list of gmail contacts, it’s not worth using. Disappointed.

I have been having the same problem for weeks now.

Hello Tim,
which online contact service are you using?

Best regards,

I have exactly the same problem - 10 or 15 copies of the same contact!!! I’m using Google contacts. What’s the solution for this…pretty please?

Hello Elliot,
what version of eM Client are you currently running? (Help>About section)
Are those duplicate contacts appearing on gmail server as well?


Was this ever fixed ?  I’m having this irritating problem now.
Jim Burke