Dumped Outlook for emclient

Dumped Outlook for emclient and have not so far had a single problem with it, in fact I think it is fantastic, almost exactly like that extremely expensive outlook program. I would recommend this mail program to everyone …and I do :slight_smile:

I’m very happy with it, as well.  

Microsoft has not optimized Windows Live Mail 2012 to work with Windows 10 (my OS) and I can no longer even use it because it is now stuck with a “Windows Live Mail stopped working” dialog box at startup no matter what I do.  Uninstall, re-install, clean registry… nothing makes a difference. I thought I lost all my saved emails, folders, contacts and calendar events, but then I found eM Client - someone in a Windows 10 / Windows Live Mail forum suggested it as an alternative.  

Downloaded and installed it, and I was able to access all 4 of my email accounts from within it.  Not only that, but it was able to pull in all my lost folders, saved emails, contacts and calendar events!  Just amazing.  Does everything Windows Live Mail did and more.  Very happy with it, and will gladly pay the $50 for the Pro version that allows more than 2 email accounts when my Pro trial period is up.

I agree, as soon as I can save some money for it, I will also go with the pro version

Ditto. I used Mailbird for 2-3 months and had high hopes for them but they lack some essential features. eM Client far outshines anything else out there.

I hope they know that people out here really do enjoy their email program, and that they continue to improve it year after year

Hi everyone,
thank you for your praise, it’s wonderful to hear that eM Client the right fit for you :slight_smile:
We’ll keep doing our best to improve our program, thank you for your support!

Best wishes,

We came from OUTLOOK 2003 and tried out various alternatives until we found EMclient. It does exactly what we need. It’s great and every penny worth!! Congratulations to the engineers! Great work. Thanks.

Andreas Neubronner, Stuttgart (Germany)

em client has also a great search facility. What I can’t find is a “view source” of an email, a facility I find useful for identifying a phish!