Dual monitor and start collapsed folders

I have two licenses and oddly one issue on each.

First is on a laptop that I often have an additional monitor attached to.  Often the application does not remember which monitor I opened it on last and even more often it when minimizing then maximizing it will shift back to the laptop screen instead of the external even though the external was the last place it was.

I’ve tried to find a Windows (v10 64 bit), but have not and eM Client is the only application that this is happening to.

Second is on a desktop.  eM Client always starts with the Mail and Calendar folder collapsed.  I always have to click on one or the other to expand the folders.

This is how eM Client opens on the desktop.  Note the “Mail” and Calendar collapsed at the top, but mail being displayed as an account and folder are selected.

In Menu > Tools > Settings > General, what folder is selected in Show on startup?

What’s the graphic for face plant?


Which I have hidden since I rarely access them that way.  And since I had it hidden, it didn’t show anything.

Not sure how that got set, but obviously it did.  Thanks for the help on that one.