Driving me mad!!

I thought I’d try your email out as it was recommended.
I have two email accounts, one with gmail and one with bigpond. The gmail account set up with NO problem. As for the bigpond one …well that’s another story.
I took the account set up that I have on my old machine (that works) and transferred the setting to my net netbook. No Luck. Contacted Telstra and spent over an hour with no luck. eM Client can find the smtp server no problem, but no pop3. They can use an imaps connection but eM client didn’t give me this option. I was going to recommend this program to other users but I want to fix this issue first. Telstra say they don’t know much about eM Client.

Can you help me please


Hi, if your 2nd provider supports IMAP then it should have been created with IMAP if you have used “Automatic Setup”.
If not then you can set it under “Manual setup”. Anyway after this and if it will not work create screenshot of your POP3/IMAP tab and post it here. I will look on your settings.