Dragging file onto eM Client to attach crashes eM Client

As the topic says. If I try to drag a file into the app on MacOS, eM Client closes immediately.

What “file type” are you trying the add / drag ?

Also what version of eM Client do you have.

I am using eM Client version 9.0.1230, and I was trying to drag a JPG file in.

Ok dragging a .jpg as an attachment should normally work ok in eM Client on Mac.

What Mac OS version do you have ? Are you running the latest Monterey or an older Mac OS.

Lastly what type of account do you have setup in eM Client. Is it eg: an iCloud , IMAP or Exchange.

I’m using macOS Big Sur version 11.6.2.

I have downloaded emclient-v9.0.661_Mac.pkg, but when I install it and open the client, the About eM Client window still shows version 9.0.1230.

You need to uninstall 9.0.1230 first.

To do that open Finder and go to the Applications folder. Drag eM Client to the bin.

Then go to your downloads and double-click on the 9.0.661 pkg file, which will install it.

Will this mess everything up, in terms of my database, the accounts I’ve added to eM Client, etc.?

No, the database will remain unaffected.

I am not sure if there was a change in the database format since 9.0.661, so the one from 9.0.1230 may not work. Let me know if it doesn’t. Contact me directly on [email protected]

OK - all done. New version is installed, and the drag/drop issue seems to be solved!

Many thanks!

You are now using 9.0.661?

Yes, I uninstalled the old version and installed 9.0.661