Dragging Emails to sub folders and non-existing emails

I am new to eM Client and so far, I like it. I love the backup feature which works great, but wish I could set a daily schedule to do that… However, I am having an issue dragging emails from my Inbox to their final folder…

If the email folder is on the screen, I can drag it with no problems, however, if the folder is not on the screen, I have to manually scroll down to get to the folder, then go grab the email and drag it to the folder. I had been using MicroSoft Live mail until the last Windows Upgrade made it to where it will no longer work and I could grab an email, drag the email down the folder list and it would scroll down. Now I have to scroll down, then grab the email and takes a lot of time. This is a pretty big issue for me.

I also have an issue where I have a folder certified with no emails in the folder, and yet eM Client is showing that I have 1 unread message? I actually have 3 folders showing with no emails as verified from the online client.

I am using Version 8.0.2951 (e2fe9f0)

I am looking into purchasing this software, because I overall feel it to be useful, but also see these 2 bugs that are not acceptable.

Backup settings will help with backup questions

Right-click email, select “Move to folder…” or perhaps work with RULES