Dragging a file into eM Client creates a new message with that file as an attachment

Thank you for providing a free version of this great software!

I have a feature request (that replicates an Outlook feature): it would be great if one could drag / slide a file (or several files) into eM Client to automatically create a new message that includes that file as an attachment.

You used to be able to do this with right-click on the files and choose Send To > Mail Recipient. Unfortunately in the latest version of Windows 10, you are no longer able to set the MAPI client, so it cannot be done with eM Client.

There are ways to do it in Explorer with a single file, but not with more than one.

Just tried to send five files and everything works like it did a year ago. I still can’t set the MAPi client in WIN10 but after the latest update, WIN10 honours the default email client. Before, it was always Outlook that opened a new message although emClient was set as default. (Outlook came with Office 365 and cannot be un-installed separately)
Just select a number of files in explorer (or, in my case Speedcommander), right click>send to email recipient and emClient opens a new message with all files attached.

Thanks pefunk. I was getting the following message, even though eM Client was set at the default email client and worked as such except for right-click send to:

What I did was select another client as the default, then reselect eM Client as the default. Then it worked correctly. :slight_smile:

hi Gary, I don’t know if  any of my actions contributed to MAPI working again. I am an old age pensioner with too much time on my hands and try out whatever programs I can lay my hands on. Lately I uninstalled Mailbird and Thunderbird for the umpteens time and made a fresh install of emClient 7.1.33101. Maybe that did it. I’m running the pro version with 5 email accounts (2 Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com for contacts and calender, and one other IMAP).

Thanks for the tip, I will try this solution – hopefully it will work for me!