Dragged and dropped an email from trash to inbox and it disappeared

I dragged and dropped an email from the trash folder to the inbox and instead of copying/moving it the email disappeared. It seems to have permanently deleted it instead as I cannot locate it anywhere.

This seems to be an occasional problem with some providers like GMail, but usually when you try to reproduce it it works just as it is supposed to.

If you are using GMail, you can check in All Mail and see if it is there. Maybe do that through the web interface.

If you have a Pro License, you can open a support ticket so that the developers can look into fixing it. I don’t use GMail IMAP, and even on a test computer I was not able to reproduce it, otherwise I would report it myself.

"Thanks Gary, not using Gmail, using a 3rd party provider “GMX” via IMAP. Never had any issue before, logged in direct and all settings ok so I know the issue is not there. Looks like a (very frustrating) glitch in eM Client.

I’m also a GMX.com user, and have never had that problem. Hopefully you will not see it again.

I agree it is probably a bug in eM Client.