Drag and Drop within mail folders

Sometimes when I drag and drop Emails out of the Inbox folder to another folder, although the action has happened, the Email still remains displayed in the Inbox folder until I move to another folder.

Is this a bug?




Could you mention the specific folders? There are many folders, where there simply can be duplicated messages, for example in all inboxes - you have its contents among other inboxes.

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Patrik Pukan
eM Client Support

All my Emails arrive in two Inbox folders. Some are filed automatically after being read using rules. The ones that remain I move using Drag and drop from the “All Inboxes” or the inbox itself to the appropriate folder required. Sometimes the drag and drop works and the email is removed from the sending folder. Other times the action works but the the moved email is still listed in the original folder until I move to another folder. Therefore it is mostly an “Inbox” folder but can occur with the “All In boxes” or the “Unread” folder. i.e the Email is moved but still remains displayed in the folder it has been moved from until I move away from that folder. If I go back to the folder it has gone,

Your email to me has just worked moving from the “All Inboxes” to a sub folder OK leaving the folder empty. Other times this does not work. Obviously it mostly with an inbox folder but it has happened when moving the Emails around the folder structure by Drag and Drop.

Does that help and explain the query.


Is anyone else getting this problem?