Drag and drop of pics from Win10 Photos app no longer working

Using eMClient 8.2.1473 on Win10 Feature Release 21H2

We did have drag and drop of pics from the Win10 Photos app working (after some much appreciated help a while back from Cyberzork here with how to get pics to become attachments).

It doesn’t work any more - I get the red circle with a diagonal slash (what I call the “no can do”) pointer and can’t drop the image. I tried dragging and dropping a file from Windows Explorer as well, to see if that works and I have similar “no can do”.

I’m not sure when it stopped working.

Anybody found the same? Is there anything I can do to fix?


Drag and drop pics from Win 10 photo app or explorer no longer working anymore.

That is strange the same drag and drop photos into eM Client is no longer working. Try with the latest official release of eM Client V 8.2.1659 for Windows from the release history page.

Thursday, October 7, 2021