Drafts showing in "Unread" smart folder

When I view the “Unread” smart folder, unread draft e-mails are included. I only want to see e-mails I’ve received in this smart folder.

Right click on the Unread folder and choose which folders have to be displayed in the Display menu.

Thanks; I hadn’t noticed that this could be customised.

I checked it here, and “Drafts” is already unchecked, but unread draft e-mails still show in the list.

Also, if showing unread draft e-mails in the “Unread” smart folder is a design decision, I think it should be questioned.

I have tested it right now and you are right - I will report it to your developers ASAP.

That only changes what Smart Folders are displayed. It doesn’t change what shows up in each Smart Folder.

I am having the same issue. For what it’s worth, this just started happening in the last couple of days after using eM Client for the past 3 weeks or so. I’m running an evaluation copy of v. 5.0.17263.0

That is true - like I wrote below, we will try to fix it ASAP.

We are still working on the fix so you can expect it in one of the next updates.

Glad to hear a fix is in the works!

A conceptually (if not technically) related issue is that drafts don’t get deleted from the Drafts folder when an email is finally sent. This appears to be related to how long it takes to draft a message. The longer it takes, the more versions seem to be saved as drafts, and then after clicking “Send” the drafts remain (as unread) in the Drafts folder. This can create confusion as to whether an email has actually been sent, and of course requires manual maintenance of the Drafts folder.

Sorry to bother but is there a fix planned? I have a few folders for mailing lists and do not want to have these included in the Unread smart folder

The fix for this issue should be available in the next major version 6.

Hmm, so even though this is a confirmed bug, I won’t get fix for my currently purchased version? Does not make me happy at all…

We will certainly release an update (containing the fix) for the current version.

I have the same issue.
drafts show as unread in the draft folder and dont get deleted when the message is sent.
this is bothering and takes time to be removed manually.

they also show up in smart folders but this is a consequence
I would like the cause to be solved.

I would like that they never show as unread
I would like that EMclient cleans the various drafts created ( my setting is every 5 minutes) one the message is sent

How and where should I tick boxes so that it behaves that way
or am I dreaming ???

I am running 6.0.22344.0
thanks for your help