Drafts saved do not send

During auto-save drafts where I keep the compose window open, when I finish the email (maybe 20-30 mins later) and click SEND, the email is not received by recipients even through the mail appears in the SENT folder. I have tested this multiple times.

Hi, can you give me a little more details on this issue? Are you using the “Send and Receive” button or are you simply clicking on “Send” in the new message, once it’s finished?
What version of eM Client are you using?

Can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on IMAP / SMTP logging for the account? (What mail service are you using?).
Save the settings and restart the application, try to replicate the issue and if the issue occurs, go back to the advanced settings window and click on “Send logs”, please send the logs to mcgregor@emclient.com and include a reference link to this forum topic.

Also are you able to see the message in the sent folder on your webmail?

Thank you,