Drafts folder info

Number of messages indication in drafts folder would be helpful

I will add it to our official feature requests list and our programmers will consider it.

It seems that this feature has not been added (version 4.0.13961.0).
Should it be possible, at least to have the word draft in bold font ?

I have that version and the draft bold and number feature is active, though I am not sure when it was added. I have been aware of it for some time, but it did not register that it was new - or that I was the OP

I made a test:
it is bold when it is not read. But if I have a look (read) the draft, it is no more bold.
My problem is that I forget the drafts :slight_smile:

An old thread, but still relevant. It would be useful if the number of draft messages could continue to appear, whether they have been read or not, i.e. as long as a message is in the draft folder.