Drafts appearance and icon & Add/Remove button function


  • When  a draft is composed in eM Client ,
    in WLM it appears not as draft but as a sended
      Would be better if it could appear as a draft in WLM also.
  • If a draft in eMail Client is copied to an other folder in eMail Client , again it’s not a draft anymore, but a sended e-mail
      Would be better if it could appear as a draft  in other folders  too.
  • It would be better if Drafts had a different icon as it is in WLM.
  • It would be nice if we could have the possibility to add a/ remove  and rearrange all kind of buttons on the top toolbar  and in  opened e-mails & drafts top   buttonbars.

Hello Yaroyo,
customizable toolbars are implemented in the upcoming version of eM Client.

As for the drafts issue, if your messages are in the Drafts folder, they should synchronize as such to your server and should appear so in other clients… what mail account does this problem happen on? Check the drafts on your mail server/through webmail after you create them in eM Client and see if they are saved in the drafts folder. If they are and then appear as sent items in WLM then the issue must be with WLM itself.


Thanks Olivia,

I tried again.
When I compose a draft and save it to the Drafts folder, it appears and opens as a draft.

But if I copy or move that draft to another folder for example to the Sent Folder ,
in the Sent Folder it doesn’t open anymore as a draft but as a sended mail.
So, impossible to edit and save it again in that other folder.

And if I do the same operation in WLM, the draft is always a draft when copied to another folder

That’s the issue.


unfortunately, in eM Client, only the messages saved in the Drafts folder are treated as Drafts, once you move or copy the Draft to another folder you remove its status as an editable item.
Thanks for understanding.