Draft message disappears

I was editing a draft message, which had already been saved in the draft folder the day before, when I miscued with typing, and my message instantly disappeared and was replaced by an empty new message. The typing miscue also deleted the message I was replying to, which had been in the Inbox for a week! And no, nothing appeared in Trash or Junk etc

I don’t know what the miscue was, and I could not retrieve my original message or the draft anywhere. It wasn’t even in the drafts folder, unamended or otherwise. What could have happened?


I tried every combination of keyboard shortcut, but nothing reproduces the issue, so I can’t say what happened.

Looking for the deleted messages, did you try use the search box to find them, making sure all folders and fields were selected?


Thanks for helpful reply. I tried search all folders. No luck with my draft, but it did retrieve the email to which I was replying, which I transferred back to Inbox. Curiously, I couldn’t determine where it had gone (there was a house avatar), but that may reflect my own lack of knowledge about EmC.

I’ve never seen this in 20+ years of using MS clients. Even if I did something wrong (with a draft that had been saved at least once), a last good draft could be found somewhere. But not with eM Client…?

That most likely indicates it was in Local Folders. Still can’t work out how it got there though, as I tried everything to reproduce it. :crazy_face:

If Local Folders are not visible in your left folder list, go to Menu > Settings > General and make sure Show Local Folders is selected. Maybe you will find the missing draft.