Draft Images Disappear

I started a draft last night about some problems with a backup program. In that email I pasted 3 images that I had pasted from screen captures that I had saved on my clipboard. I saved the draft waiting for the program to hopefully complete whiteout errors.

When I went back to the draft and opened it 2 of the images remained but the first image showed a broken icon. I recreated the screen capture of the first pasted image and again saved the draft.

Today after reviewing some other information I again opened the draft only this time not a single image remained just 3 broken icons where the images had been. I decided not to re-add them until I was ready to send the email.

This is a serious problem as you may not be able to recreate images and should be able to depend on drafts maintaining whatever is put into them.

If they are broken images in the draft or even after you send a draft, that normally means your clipboard was not working 100% faithfully at the time when you pasted those images into eM Client. This is not a current known issue.

I would suggest for a test, paste and image into another freeware paint program (first) and then paste it into eM Client to see if that then works.

If you have Windows you can try eg. “Paint.net” If you have Mac you can try eg: Gimp

If that then works, you know your OS clipboard was the issue at the time and you should clean out / clear your clipboard and also clear your OS temp files. Then reboot and see if that fixes it.

However if still broken images when pasting into eM Client via any other paint program too, then could be you might have an outdated eM Client version and needs updating or reinstalling. We would need to know what version of eM Client.

It’s not coming directly from my clipboard it’s a program that collects all items copied to the clipboard. I’ve never had an issue with it regarding pasting from it and I’ve had it for over 20 years. I could go back to it 5 days from now and re-paste those same 3 images.

But just to make sure that you’re understanding my concern. It’s not the pasting that’s a problem it’s when I save the draft and then re-open it that the images disappeared but it makes no sense that one disappears after the first open. I actually went back and recaptured the image instead of just going into my clipboard history and repasting it into the draft. I saved the draft with all 3 images showing and then the next day when I opened the draft again all 3 disappeared. What’s even odder was that you could see the images in the draft before I opened the draft in both instances.