Draft folders not behaving as expected

Your program is excellent overall. However, I noticed an issue with (unsent) draft email: the count indicator disappears from the folder after the email is/are automatically marked as “read,” even though it is not yet sent. This is an incorrect behavior because the draft boxes should always indicate the total drafts pending - users assume that this is what draft folders are for. Also there should be a way to save as draft directly (instead of going file/save).

Thanks (I own a pro license btw).

  1. The total count of messages is displayed in the right bottom corner.

  2. You can send it directly by pressing Ctrl+S.

I can’t get draft emails to reload from the Drafts folder so the program will allow them to worked on.


When you double click on that draft it does not open? Have I understood it right?
What version are you using and are there any error messages?