Downloads not showing

My EM Client downloads on my iPhone however not on my desktop.  My internet provider had me move the plug from my router to my laptop…maybe this is the problem?   Based on a reply from 3 years ago I changed the Port from 110 to 995 on the POP3.   No emails although I got a message that it did sync.    No emails to be seen.  

First, if you could check if there is an error when connecting to your email provider.

In eM Client, click on Menu > Tools > Operations.

Then click on the Errors tab.

If nothing is listed there, then it is probably connecting just fine. If there is something wrong with the setup of the account, you would see something like this:

Yes, I do have that message.  It was from 1 hr ago and in the meantime I was able to SEND a message.   Still no incoming.

OK, the second thing you could check is that you have the correct settings for your account.

Click on Menu > Tools > Accounts.

Click on the General tab.
Under Authentication, make sure you have the correct Login name and Password. I think if you are able to send with this account, that these are correct.

Click on the POP3 tab.
Here you need the settings provided by your email provider.
For GMail, you can use:
Port: 995
Security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

Check that Authentication is set to Use identity credentials. Because if the same setting is selected under SMTP, then we know that they work.

Click OK.

Rechecked my passwords.   That works.   I have grandecom for internet and it is Port 110 and SSL/TLS  if available.    Still message of downloading but nothing received.

Are you still getting the error message in Operations?

Yes.   And it showed that it was synched.   Very frustrating!   I appreciate your working with me.

I want you to send me a copy of the log.

Click on Menu > Tools > Operations

Click on Log. Click Clear Log.

Close Operations.

Click on Refresh.

Click on Menu > Tools > Operations

Click on Log.

Click on the first line. Scroll down and holding Shift, click on the last line. Right click and choose copy.

Paste this into a new email and send it to me at [email protected]

Sorry for late response.   Was not at desktop.    Ended up restarting and downloads started coming again.  However that was not the case the first time I restarted.   Very crazy.   So, so appreciate your assistance.