downloading to local folder?

I am migrating to eMclient from Pocomail that I used for 10 years. I have about 10k emails in the local (some poeple call it global) Inbox folder and some in special folders I created in Pocomail. I do not know if there is any possibility of importing the messages along the attachments, is any particular format that can be read directly by eMclient.
Also I opened to gmail accounts in eM and tried to get emails from both in the eM local folder. But it shows the emails in the individual accounts and the local folder remains empty. How this can be achieved?
Does eMclient support pop mail or not? I see only imap protocol. Please help and suggest . thanks
Dr Datye

Hi, if you want to import your data to eM Client you need to use one of the available options under File > Import. Emails can be imported from a number of email clients (however not Pocomail) or from .eml email message format.

You can import your data into a selected local folder, but in order to do so, make sure you have the local folders enabled in Tools > Settings > General.

You can setup a POP account in eM Client, however if your server doesn’t support POP on autodiscover, you won’t be able to do so using the “Automatic setup”, to setup a POP account switch to the “Mail” tab below the automatic setup and select ‘Other’, proceed with the steps and use the recommended server settings.

Hope this helps,