Downloading/Synchronizing New Messages & Working off-line

I am a new eM Client (free version) user with a large GMail accout testing out eM Client before I jump in with both feet and buying the full version, so I am just wondering how to speed up the downloading and synchronizing of my GMail. For some reason it seems to get hung up - seeming to long time in downloading/syncing. I am assuming that once the first initial sync of all my emails/contacts has completed/synchronized it shouldn’t take that long to download the 20-30 emails I get daily? So with that said please tell me my computer is not having to go thru the 1000’s of emails already downloaded each time I go online with eM Client? And if not what do you expect is going on or what I can do to clean things up for quicker response time? 

Looking for the fastest way to assure a quick download of all new emails so that they can be reviewed and responded to offline, then have everything ready to send out once I reconnect to the internet (You see, we cruise a lot and need to minimize internet connetion times to avoid the exorbitant cruise boat internet fees). Any tips are much appreciated in advance! Thanks!  

Hello John, if you’ve just setup the application with your Gmail account, the initial sync may take a while, however note that the application by default only synchronises the headers of your emails, thus all the message data may not be available in offline mode. To make sure all items are available for offline use, use the option “Download messages for offline use” that you can enable in Tools > Accounts > Your account, or for each folder by right clicking the folder in the left pane and navigating to it’s properties.

The initial sync may take a while, but any further synchronisation should allow you to view your email quickly without the need to re-synchronise your account each time you go online, or are you experiencing this while working with the current setup?


Thanks Paul for getting back to me so quickly. Well I have done what you have said (use the option “Download messages for offline use” that you can enable in Tools > Accounts, which is found in the IMAP section, but it doesn’t really do anything differently that I can tell. When I have tested it (even after leaving the client open for over 48 hours so I know it has synced my older emails and contacts. Now, once I download new messages, unless I click on every one of them before going offline, I continue to get the message that the body of the email cannot be downloaded because I am offline. I guess I will have to use GMAIL OFFLINE app as it works nicely in this regard, however it does not provide contacts offline in case I need to look up their information. The only solution I can see is to use both applications so that I have all the information offline, unless you have any further  suggestions that might persuade me differently.  

Not quite sure what you’re referring to, can you make a screenshot of the issue and submit it to us here on the forum?

What version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? Are you using any security software on your computer, that may be blocking the connection between the client and the server?