downloading same email multiple times

I have been using em client since long time. Since last week it is giving me trouble downloading all my old emails again and again. 

When I use your deduplicator tool it detects many duplicate but when processed it do not move them to the trash. When trying again it says there are no more duplicates!

Check your IMAP account settings. If set to leave messages on the server, this is an expected behavior.

Hello Paresh,
please include more information.
What version of eM Client are you currently running? Check Help>About section for exact number.
What mail account does this happen on? Is it gmail/microsoft/iCloud/other?
What mail protocol does it use? IMAP/POP/Exchange? Please check the Tools>Accounts section settings if you are not sure.


Well I don’t want to delete emails from server since I need to be accessible everywhere!

Hello Olivia

I have currently 6.0.24928.0 and I have configured my yahoo account on it. I uses POP.

The same issue I reported earlier happened earlier this week and it download 40k+ email to my inbox!! 

The problem gets worsened when deduplicator tool cannot even handle it well. If it can I can easily group them and move them to thrash. I had to manually clear all junk.