Downloading Messages status

When new email has downloaded, the “DOWNLOADING MESSAGES” note on the bottom left takes several minutes to shut off and finalize the sync. Any solution for this?


Hello Eric,

If I understand correctly, you are concerned about the time that it takes to download new messages. Could you please tell us how many accounts do you have in eM Client and how are they set up (IMAP, Exchange, …), if you Download messages for offline use, how many items are downloaded (approximately) and if they have attachments?

Thank you,

I have set up emClient with one single Yahoo Mail account as POP3, downloading only new messages via the special legacy port as instructed. Typical attachments total only1-2 MB.

This used to be a very fast sync process, but the past month has become very slow. Please note - the messages themselves download very quickly. It’s the “DOWNLOADING MESSAGES” status that seems to last very long.

And to answer your question, this status lasts several minutes regardless of whether it’s one email or 50 emails which have downloaded.

Hello Eric,

Thank you for the update. Could you please let us know what version do you use (Menu ->Help ->About)? Please send me the info to with a link to this thread.


Likewise, I see “Downloading Messages” PERMANENTLY.  24/7.  Never goes away.