Downloading Message Part

Everytime I have to check an email, I have to wait for emClient to sync the messages.  I understand it needs to be able to sync, but problem is, why doesn’t it sync everything and instead sync when I click on a message, then I have to wait few minutes for it to be “sync”. I have tested other email clients, they works just fine.

Maurice Hester…seems I am not the only one seeing the same issue with the message part not showing up and I have to wait for the sync to finish before I can see the message itself.   I think this needs to be bumped up the bug list.  Happens to me most of the time and more so with my EWS account which has to do many folders and can take up to 4 min to sync all my folders in my company account.  

When this latest version came out the sync was rapid, now with updates it is as slow as!  many times I close it down and re-open to see if that helps. Nothing helps for long. I end up having to go to the on-line email server and that is a right pain. I love E-Client but this is a hassle. 

Im having the same issue.  downloading message part is taking forever.  Im almost giving up on em and just sticking to using through firefox.   this was working fine until recently.

I am still using the 7.1 beta but its frustrating when you have to wait until the sync completes before emclient will show you the body of the message.  Seems it locks the database while its doing its thing and wont show you anything it already has or has downloaded until its ready.  That should all be done in the background.  I want the inbox stuff to be viewed 1st and then go ahead and do its background sync on all the other folders without hampering my ability to read what just came into the inbox. Dont get me started on the startup of the app that on certain machines can take 10-15 seconds or even longer

Many times with mine Ed, it won’t even show the messages after the sync is finished. This is both on the PC and the laptop. I thought it may have been because I have so many folders full of messages and was borderline to its max,  so I removed 2 big folders and that made no difference. 

It happens to me more so with my EWS (Exchange Web Service) for my company email.  I have many folders and each has alot of emails.  That takes at least 4 minutes to fully sync each time so I set the sync schedule to every 60 min or else it would never stop.  My gmail and other email accounts ( I have a total of 8) dont seem to take long at all. 

I simply have 2 a/cs in Outlook on my EM-Client and it’s the free version. So you must have the paid version?  Maybe that’s why mine is worse on the “ordinary”  type e-mails. (meaning in comparison to your EWS).

Yes Robyn, I have the paid pro version with the lifetime license and for the most part it does a great job with the other accounts since they are small and not alot of emails stored in the cloud or in network folders.  And anything I want to save, I place in my local folders.  But my company exchange server acct is where emclient bogs down.  I went with emclient since it was the only one I could find out there that would work with my EWS acct, imap, pop, etc and was feature rich.  Windows Mail 10 is ok but its very basic and hardly any features, but its FAST!  I have no lag with any account including my company outlook/exchange account. I am not convinced the database route is the real way to go but the folks that make emclient seem to think so.  Still not sure why it takes 10 seconds or so for the app to open but I would suspect it has to open the database and do some other functions before it presents its screen. On a non-SSD computer its not as fast as I think it should be. Having an SSD does help for sure. 

Ah, I’ve never been sure about the local folders. Must be a storage place then. Maybe that’s not synced each time?  Windows programs are usually basic, same with their paint program. Not much going on there either, even more so compared to other paint programs in the same way as Windows Mail 10 compares to eM Client. So you only have one thing to fix, your EWS.  (your most important probably). I hope they can help you and the rest of us on here. I expect they will be along when they have talked to others in the line ahead of us.   (◠‿◠)

Syncing while clicking on single email is a feature of default IMAP email setting in eM Client. eM Client downloads the headers of all emails while you open the program but only downloads a body of an email if you click on them. You should be able to avoid this by using the “Download messages for offline use” for your account which automatically downloads your emails immediately as they become available.
You can enable this option in Tools > Accounts > Your account > IMAP.

To the issue with slow synchronising, it might occur while opening messages with many replies in conversation.
You can disable conversations in Tools > Settings > Mail > Read.

Please let me know if any of these information was helpful.

Unfortunately Russ that does not work for me.  Since I have a large EWS acct and that sync time takes 4 minutes to complete, while thats going on I cannot see any bodies of any emails I have downloaded, even if they are offline, and it makes no difference if they are POP or IMAP accounts.  While that EWS is working I have no access to the message body for any emails.  If it wasnt for my EWS taking such a long time, I suspect your approach would probably work.  I have been struggling with this and have been working with Maurice as well.  He thought going to beta 7.1 would help but it makes no difference.  You have to come up with a better way where you do all your syncing in another process or thread and have that purely in the background and still allow me to read my messages that i have already downloaded or in the process of downloading. 

Thanks a lot Russel. I took your “download messages for offline use” advice and I seem to be back to rapid responses now that it has downloaded everything again.  :)

for what its worth, after basically being ready to uninstall emC because it was basically useless and not syncing at all, i did one last attempt at digging around here for a solution, and I may have found one that worked…

so i removed my account from the accounts menu.  then, added a new one, and under mail selected Exchange.  On the next page, enter email, username (also your email), and password, and after that it seemed to work.   the new account downloaded aaaalllllll my old folders and mail, and now is syncing fine (as far as i can tell).  no errors, no hanging forever on syncing this or that folder.

so, hopefully it was as simple as switching to exchange, as opposed to IMAP, which i had been using previously (because everyone said imap still works… but maybe not so much).

maybe this will help someone else!

You know, I’m not a Microsoft basher, but it really seems like our pals in Redmond are trying to force users into Outlook (and thus Office 365 subscriptions) by routinely changing things on the back end, rendering the competition unusable.  About 99% of (current) sync complaints on this forum relate to MSFT accounts, typically stating “everything worked great until yesterday…”.

You would think their strategy would be to develop the very best product that would make everyone want to buy it, rather than forcing them to do so using underhanded methods.  Sad.

I will let a friend know about that Aaron. Thanks!

Still a problem.  Planning to uninstall this software

Support please advise? 
This is a major problem waiting for mails to download, especially on slower links.

Juraj Micek and Maurice Hester are fully aware.  As a paid customer I have also had email correspondence with them over the months yet…no new updates as to when this is going to be fixed.