Downloading from Mailwasher

I use gmail and Mailwasher Pro. After marking emails to delete in Mailwasher, when eM Client opens and I click on “Refresh” to download mail, it downloads everything (all mail marked for delete and not).  Also, eM Client doesn’t download all my mail, leaving it sitting in Mailwasher; not all, just some.  So, yes, it downloads mail I DON’T want and not everything I DO.  My settings are set to POP3 in both eM Client and Mailwasher.

If Mailwasher is not deleting the messages from the server, any email client is going to download them when it connects to the server.

Not true, at least for the one I used prior to eM Client (Incredimail. The developers stopped supporting it and it became unusable) Whatever I deleted in MW did not download to the email client.

I think I’ve got it figured out.

If eM Client is downloading these messages then Mailwasher is not deleting them.