downloaded to two computers for same account do i have to set preferences again?

I’m still in the trial but so far am in love.  I have two computers, one for work and one for home.  I’m using eM strictly for personal email (one gmail account).  I downloaded eM Client on both computers but the second download it looks like i have to set everything up again as far as theme, preferences etc.  Just wondering if there is any easier way to do this?

I believe each computer is a stand-alone situation. There’d have to be a web-based personal customized theme repository to be otherwise. Way beyond the scope of a small footprint email client. Do not think even Outlook does what you ask.

yes, Outlook does/did.  I have same situation:  two laptops: one at home where I set up the first and then the one I use for my work which I take on the road with me.  I want them to be exact replicas.  Anyone know how?

Hello all,

In Menu > File > Export choose Export settings into .xml file. Then just transfer the file to the second computer and import the file in Menu > File > Import.


For exact replicas, why not backup on one and restore that on the other?

Hello Gary,

this is also an option and even faster if one didn’t set the accounts yet :slight_smile: