Downloaded emclient 6 demo yesterday, then emclient 7 beta and now demo has expired

Yesterday 5/5/2016 I downloaded and installed the emclient 6 demo, as I will need an alternative to Windows Live Mail as it will not longer be able to access my hotmaill accounts in June.  That worked OK other than lots of ActiveSync timeouts.  Rather than evaluate the old version I downloaded and installed emclient 7 Beta 2 from the blog link today.  It installed fine and moved my data across.  However, emclient 7 says my demo has expired and I cannot do any online activity.  But when I go to the activation section emclient 7 says my demo license is good until 6/6/2016.  Apparently not.  How do I get emclient 7 to let me complete my demo period?  I have already rebooted, tried to reinstall 7 to no avail.  I would very much like to keep all the configuration changes I’ve already made.  Thanks, in advance, for any assistance.

Use your existing old license key for the current version 7 beta