DOWNLOADED BUT FAILED TO IMPORT any of my eml format emails

I sadly had to move from old laptop Windows Live Mail on Windows 7 to new laptop with 10 and eM Client.

I had to buy conversion software to convert 103 gigs of emails to the eml format for EM client. That took a while to convert -1hour or so) but went fine.

I checked and there was no limit on the gigs I could import. All good,

Then I imported that converted file into Inbox of my eM client. Today, for 7 hours I have visibly seen all the files with names downloading. No emails were appearing in my emails, but I figured it must load them all at the end. Got to last files. Finished. All fine.

BUT… NOTHING APPEARED! No files in there, not one …CORRECTION, There are maybe 40 emails that downloaded out of the 103 gigs HELP PLEASE

I am trying to do one folder at a time. Seems to work. Might take me a lifetime!!