Download speeds

when on home wifi, the download speed of email attachments is extremely slow. on the same network, my iphone downloads 10 to 20 times faster. do I have a bad setting somewhere?

Yes email attachments using most computer email clients normally take longer times to download attachments compared to mobiles as they have alot more overhead when processing / running in memory. Mobiles have very thin app clients that hardly take any memory to do the same things.

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I have also noticed differences in download speed among email clients on the same computer.

There is an option in your account settings that may help though. Go to Menu > Accounts, then click on the IMAP tab.


This used be worded slightly differently, but essentially the second option downloads the attachments when the message arrives, rather than downloading it when you click on it. As long as you don’t pounce on the message immediately it arrives in you Inbox, you should notice that when you do get to read the messages, the attachments are all there already, so no delay.