Download latest update of eM Client 5


could someone from the eM team please provide a download link to the very latest update of Client version 5? I can’t seem to find any official downloads on your website other than version 6…

Thanks a lot!
– Ennig

Hi, can I ask you why do you want 5th version? Do you use pro license without eligibility to use 6th version?


Hi, I bought a pro license just days before v6 came out, so that’s not the problem. To me the new version just doesn’t feel as fast and snappy as v5 yet, and since v6 didn’t bring any features whatsoever that I wouldn’t wanna miss (I’ve been perfectly happy with v5), I’d like to stick with the old version for now.

Here it is…
It should be possible to use 6th verion databse in this version as this one is meant for users who tested 6th version and has no access to full one.


Thanks a lot! And I’m sure gonna give v6 another try soon.

you are welcome :slight_smile: