Download IMAP messages by folder (Inbox)

I am using eM client to access my Gmail via IMAP. It all works dandy, but I would like eM to automagically download any new messages in my inbox. To do this I seem to have to check “Download messages for offline use” in the account configuration. While this does work, it also downloads all of my Gmail messages since the beginning of time. I’ve been using gmail for a very long time, so have a large number of emails. I do not want to download them all. In fact, I went into “All Mail”, selected all messages this year, and manually requested they be downloaded, which seems to have worked fine.

So, is there no way I can request inbox messages be automatically downloaded without downloading my entire message history?

Sorry Doug, that is not possible. With GMail it is an all or nothing option.

With normal IMAP accounts, as long as you have not selected the offline option in your account settings, you can specify per folder to download for offline use. So in that scenario, you might choose not to download your Archive folder for example.

Thanks Gary. That’s too bad as I otherwise like the software.

I can manually select and download email, and Thunderbird let’s me specify a max age to download, so there doesn’t seem to be a technical reason why something like this isn’t possible with Gmail. Even enabling a download action in a rule would do the job.

I can’t be the only one with Gigabytes of archived mail who doesn’t want to download it all locally … I’m surprised this isn’t a common complaint.

I think there is a need to selectively subscribe to folders or specify age like you can in Thunderbird. There have been quite a few requests for that. Don’t know how it will work with the GMail implementation in eM Client, but you never know what the developers are working on. It is not there in 7.2 so we will just have to wait and see what shows up in the next major release.