download/display slowness

In the past few weeks I’ve experienced more slowness in my em Client emails displaying on my Win7 laptop. I haven’t had this issue in the past so not clear if it may be related to the later releases of em Client (I was on the latest & just downloaded the latest & still having the issue), or if it could be my home wireless. I’m not having this issue with poor download on other apps on my laptop (IE, my corporate Exchange email, etc). Bottom left of client screen says ‘downloading message part’ when it’s slow. Wondering if there may be a known issue with the last few releases of em Client?

Hi, if this is happening only when eM Client is synchronizing then it might be because of slow internet connection or slow (old HDD). Could you tell me if this is still present in this version…


I have uninstalled & reinstalled the eM Client and it now appears to be working correctly. I’ll keep an eye on it the next few days.

Thank you for this information. I hope it works without any glitches now.


I have the same problem here. eMClient 6.0.20154-0.
I had this problem before, and 5 days ago I asked to make a backup, and it get new life and was fast again.
Now it is slow again.
I have emails from 1 year ago and I would like to know if I can left in my inbox only 3 months, for example.

I am using IMAP connection to sync with my server.

Hi, you could maybe speed up the application by allowing “Download messages for offline use”, if this is not an option for you, you could enable automatic archiving, but this is only archiving the data locally, so having a backup would be in place too.

Another option would be using online archiving if it’s available on your mail service (for example gmail has this feature enabled…

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Good morning

I have the option “Download messages for offline use” turned on.

I found now the option to archive and I had a setup to 7 days and 21 days, but for each account was set as “none” folder.
I changed to “All mail folders”.

I hope now I have a better performance.

Thank you

Ok let me know, if you come across any other issues or if you’re still experiencing some issues with this, I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Where I can find the archived files to save in my backup?

Can I restore these files if I lost my computer?

Hi, if you’re using the automatic archiving feature, there’ll be an archive folder created in eM client, where you can go through all the archived emails, if you’re using backup, all local folders are included within this backup, so when you restore it, all your emails will be available in the same folder…

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