Downlading the messages don't work

Hello ,

when i receive emails , on the version 8 , i cannot see what’s inside , and so i download the message ,
and it’s writed : your message will be downloaded at your next connexion ,

and after i shut down the email log , and open again , it don’t shows the message ,
anyone encounter this ?

Cordially , Brice

As long as your Internet connection is working ok, try clicking on a another / different message, and then click back to the original message to see if it then reads.

Yes my connection is working , i did that what you said , but that didn’t worked ,
otherwise i explain a little , i was on windows 10 , with em client 8 , that was working well ,
but since i’m on windows 11 , with always the same , em client 8 , this doesn’t work as before ,
by the way , i have only the license for the 8 , :expressionless:


As it’s only happened when you upgraded to Windows 11, sounds like something OS related.

You can try then running eM Client in Windows 8 Compatibility mode, and see if that fixes it.

Post from @Gary below how to do that.

“To do that, on the Windows Start Menu, find the eM Client entry and by right-click choose Open File Location.
In the window that opens, right-click on the eM Client shortcut and choose Properties.
In the window that opens, choose the Compatibility tab.
Then select “Run this program in compatibility mode for”
Select Windows 8 and click on OK.
Now open eM Client using that Start Menu entry you just edited”

Note: If that still doesn’t fix it, then check you have the latest version of eM Client via the release history page. V8.2.1721 is currently the latest.

Hello Cyberzork , thanks for the reply ,
i tried all of this , and that didn’t worked ,
i have the lastest version of the 8 , yeah .
it’s an impossible bug , otherwise it’s probably the settings of the application .


I tried all of this , and that didn’t worked ,
i have the lastest version of the 8.

As you then have already tried running eM Client in Win 8 compatibility mode and have the latest version 8 of eM Client as you advised, then try uninstalling eM Client and reinstalling the program.

Note: “Don’t delete the database” when asked on uninstall.

If reinstalling the program makes no difference, could then be some other optional program installed possibly interfering with eM Client.

eg: If you have any optional Firewall / Security programs, optional Antivirus programs or VPNs etc, try completely disabling those to test.

Failing that check for any Windows 11 OS updates / patches if you haven’t done that already. Could be Win 11 needs updating. Latest update from Microsoft is 22H2 released in Sept.

I would also suggest to try resetting your TCP/IP stack in case it’s possibly partially corrupted and not working 100%.

Also try rebooting your modem / router in case it’s some sort of old IP / DNS address not working 100%.

Lastly if still a problem, then if you have an IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account, remove and re-add your account via “Menu / Accounts” which should fix it if it’s some database mail problem.

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Thanks for the reply ,

i already tried to reinstall the app , but this hasn’t worked ,
but i have found what was the problem ,
it was the firewall program , in fact i have eset internet security ,
and in the internet protections options , there is an analysis in real time , of every emails ,
i unotched it , and now i can see the emails ,
it’s probably a problem of windows 11 , and eset internet security ,
paired to em client 8 ,

Thanks for your efforts , Cyberzork :slight_smile:

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