Doubled Mail Entry


I have 2 mail accounts and I receive always each mail on both mailboxes
at the same time.The server set up is on both accounts the same (POP3 & SMTP).
This setup has been used also before testing eM Client 6.0.22344.0 and w/o problems.

Is there anybody who has an idea how to avoid the doubled income of the messages?

Many thanks in advance for every indication.

Best regards


Hello, I’m not completely sure if I follow, where exactly are the messages doubled? Can you make a screenshot of the issue?

What mail service are you using eM Client with? What mail service vendor?


Hello Paul,

Please note above mentioned screenshot. The same email arrived to my 2 accounts.

I use the eM Client for free under 30 days test but before I change my current email client

from german T-Online I want to be sure that everything should work smoothly.

Tks & best regards

Hello, thank you for the received screenshot, but unfortunately I’m not really able to see any of the needed information at this point. Can you please export the received messages from both of your Inboxes into an .eml file by dragging the item onto your desktop or a new message?

Send me the exported emails to my email, with a reference link to this forum topic for more information.

Thank you,


it’s done. Tks& brgds

Hello, I have not received any data from you, please make sure to submit the data to my email and include a reference link to the forum topic, in order to match your message with this discussion.

Thank you,

Hello Paul,

My email has been sent with all datas already on friday, 12th june to and with the reference link to this forum topic mentioned under subject. Please check your incoming folder once again. However I will resend the same mail within some hours to you.

Thank you! 

Sorry, found the message amongst the more recent ones, sorry about this - I have already replied to your message, thank you for submitting the data.