Double-spacing when reading e-mails after updrading eM Client

After upgrading to the latest version of eM Client (12/14/15 release), my plain text e-mails are displaying double-spaced instead of single-spaced when I read them. I cannot find a setting to change this back - please help! Thank you.

+1 same issue here.

same here. double lines even in previous existing emails. These were shown correctly in the previous version (23187?) - since the update to 24144 a few days ago these (incoming) plain text emails show up with extra lines.

Same here. All email text in body are double spaced after the latest update. Currently running 6.0.24144.0.

Looking for an update to correct this, please. Thank you!

+1 on a quick fix.
Can’t seem to read log files properly with all the extra space between lines!
Driving me a bit nuts.

I have the same problem - plain text messages are now double spaced(???) - this only started up after the last update…

Hi everyone,
this issue has been brought to our attention, but we need to collect more data on it.
Could you please tell me which version of Windows are you running?


Win10 Pro, Version 10.0.10586 + EM 6.0.24144.0 


Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Enterprise, and just updated to the latest Windows updates, which included the new Windows 10 “service pack 1”.

Windows 10 - updated to “Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3124200)”

Win 7 64 bit

Windows 10 Pro, Build 10586 Version 1511

latest update Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64 (KB3124200)

WXPro v10.0.10586

Win 7 Pro 32bit

Windows 7 Pro 64bit (IE 10.0.9200 installed)

Opened a ticket before reading this.

Windows 10 Enterprise. Version 1511, OS build: 10586.36. 

Same with me. Win 8.1 64bit

Me, too. Win 7-64 Pro.

Same here W10x86