Double-clicking the icons when out of focus

One annoying UI thing, when you have eM client out of focus (you are using another program) and than click any of the icons in the eM client, such as New for new email, it does not function.
You have to click it 2x, first to get focus, second time to activate the icon.

Try to do that with Outlook Express, it will immediately open new email window. Just another UI annoyance that I hope can be fixed.

We are sorry but It is behaviour of toolstrips in .NET.

I’m sure it can be done, what is Outlook Express made in? C?

Hello Mark,
indeed, this issue could sure be worked around somehow. But so far we haven’t had any reports on this - hence it has low priority. Based on your input, we will add it to feature request list.


I noticed that quality software does not have this problem. For example firefox, put it out of focus and you won’t have to double-click the links or buttons.

The more I work with it the more often it happens that I click once
and have to click again. Such things really spoil the user experience. Remember, people are multitasking today, this focus problem/double-clicking is very annoying.