Don't receive IMAP but without error

Hello everyone,
since yesterday I suddenly have a problem. One of my email accounts no longer receives emails. However, there is no error message. This only happens with one email account, the other accounts work fine. There are no problems with other programs and this account, so a general server error can be ruled out. Sending is also possible, but not receiving. The synchronization runs normally, no error message! I have this error on two computers with the emClient and the same email account. I would like to somehow find out where the error is. Does anyone here have a tip for me? Thank you and greetings!

Have you looked here? MENU → OPERATIONS → LOG

Yes, I can not see any error logs…

If it helps, I get IMAP problems when I delete messages on my phone. And I also get this message (it appeared as I was reading your post).
[IMAP] Failed to LIST server folders ( LIST Server error - Please try again later)

Today I figured out, that em Client version 8 will work fine. So the problem only is with version 9…
i guess there is some problem with a protokoll or security check. Perhaps the mailserver uses an older version of security protocol and the new em Client version will not support? But that’s only desperately advised…

I won’t swear that this fixes it, but elsewhere on this forum someone’s fix was to change Accounts, IMAP, Server to