Don't have a contacts folder and can't create one

I had a major failure of eM Client (I’ve been using for around a year). Suddenly, the application purged all of my accounts and basically reformatted itself. Not finding a solution to get it back, I uninstalled eM Client and reinstalled. I just set up one email account and was getting ready to start making my contacts list again from start by going through and adding contacts from past emails. When I hover over the name of the person I want to add, and select “Add to contacts” it takes me then to a pop-up window which asks me to select a contacts folder. There is nothing in the contacts folder list, therefore I am unable to add the contact.

Help please!!!


To create a new contact folder, navigate to the Contacts section under Tasks and Calendar, right-click in the panel and select “New Contact Folder”. You can then create and name a new contact folder and proceed to add new contacts.

that does not work

Correct that does NOT work, create new folder is grayed out.
Apparently, all one can do is add contacts to a single existing folder if you didn’t create a contact entry when you setup the account in the 1st place.

Really lame setup!!

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Not solved!

It may be that if the synced contact account is read-only, that you can’t create a new folder.

What happens if you right-click on Local Folders?

If you can’t see the Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.

I setup the account using the Local Folders, can that now be deleted somehow?

Where is the Contact folder suppose to be located if it was set up during the initial setup?

They show up in the Contacts tab, under the account folder you created them.

Unless you have some reason to be using version 6, I would suggest that you upgrade.

Right-click on the word Mail above Maureen, and select Contacts.

That will add the Contacts tab.

I’m running v6, what you show is different, does that matter?
I have had the Contacts tab, it’s at the bottom of the page.

If you click on the Contacts tab, it will open it.

(As soon as you mentioned version 6, I changed to that version for the screenshots.)

That ‘Local Folders’ that has the initial account created by mistake, can those ‘mail’ folders be deleted? I know I can hide the Local Folders, but it would be nice to ‘clean’ it up.

In version 7 and I believe in version 6, local folders are required by eM Client.  For example, the outbox used by eM Client is actually the local outbox.  So they cannot be deleted, just hidden.