doesnt work anymore

i cant sync my emails, i cant delete old tasks, i have a bunch of junk. I really liked it before the upgrade, now it doesn’t work, so I need to go fine another app unless there is a quick fix. I don’t understand how this could happened?  And as I type this, it seems my comment will go out to some web conversation rather than support, in which case, can someone suggest an alternative to em client?

Ican fully agreee with you. A Release Change, in case of eM client, and this was more then a common Release update, one has to be exact in planning and support.  I guess the basic-system has beeing changed dramatically including the database(s).
I personally run under Rel. 7 (no updates and “fixes” installed and so far it works perfect.
I can only give you the good advice to reinstall eM and to set up your mail accounts manually. Take car that in the roaming area no em client library or files exists, also in your document libaray, if so, save them and delete them.
You  can also scan the registry and if something like “em” exists, delete it.
Uninstallers, by the way, usally do not delete personal files,  em Client stores his backups an so on in such libraries.

Hello Eric,
I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with eM Client 7, however, if you included more information about them we’d be able to assist you better.
Are there any error messages? If so, please copy their content here and also the current content of the Tools>Operations>Log window.
What accounts are you experiencing your issues on? OR is it just specific one? What mail protocol is it set up with?

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now i cant delete anything that was imported

this is on my icloud account

it seems all deleted emails from my icloud account are in my inbox and cant be deleted,  i have a carddav subfoldersynch for folder “0” failed due to error “forbidden”

now i am getting a CardDVA failed to get access control list multi-status) error

Hello Eric,
can you please copy the full content of the error messages from Tools>Operations>Errors? If there are any, please also click the Log tab and click inside, Select all, and copy the full log here as well.


that was the only error, i wittled my only problem down to not being able to delete imported emails in my icloud account that came from my deleted emails folder old in icloud with that error provided.  I uninstalled and installed a bunch of times.  I have since gone back to the older em client version and am happy.  I would be interested in upgrading again if this issue is identifiable