Does the Rule to auto apply a category to incoming emails exist?

I created a rule to apply a category label to some incoming emails from specific addresses.
Then i applied it to inbox.
My question is: does it apply every time i receive those emails?


Since you got only two choices - ‘On Receive’ and ‘On Send’ - rules are by default always applied automatically. IF you haven’t unchecked that rule in the Rules dialogue box.

Hello Francesco,

rules are only applied in the mentioned situations - upon receiving the message in your inbox or after you send them.
The only exception would be if you choose to apply the rules again manually, using the right-click>Apply Rule option.


Yes i followed the instructions. But it didn’t worked. May be i will try again after complete sync with my accounts. 

Hi Francesco,
what exactly didn’t work? Can you describe the rule and on what condition in did not work?
After you finish synchronizing of course.


Problem still is with emClient v6 and this did not change in v7 either, that you have only two choices as Jörg already pointed out, On Receive *or* On Send.

I’ve repeatedly told emClient that we need more than those triggers. First of all a combined trigger: On Send/Receive so you don’t have to create two almost identical rules if needed. Especially if you want to move messages upon your sender email and when you are receiving a message on the same email address.

Second, maybe that’s not a kind of trigger, however, but basically it applies to the rules execution, too: When reading e-mails on different (mobile) devices and you do not set the message’s state back to unread again, once you are starting emClient on your PC, the rules won’t execute anymore. FYI those messages are not already on your local PC, or better database, they are fetched from the servers but are ignored.

You can only execute your rules manually. In my case, I’ve got about 10 accounts, I’ve to start the rules ten times. That’s a real PITA, you know.

If this isn’t already enough, emClient additionally put a confirmation dialog at the end of each rule execution process that has to be confirmed every single run. That’s the second PITA. The workflow is anything else but smooth.


Hello Mike,
I understand that you are upset about the lack of more options in the rules set up, but that does not seem to be the topic of this thread.

Message is seen as received when it’s pulled from the server as unread for the first time. Once it’s read, it in not indicated as a new one even on the server.

You do not have to run the rules manually 10 times. You can do it once, by selecting all the wanted folders in the ‘Run rule on folder’ window.


Here an example of rule

Upon receiving
from “email address recipient”
apply category ‘Evernote’ 

Then i check the rule and apply it to selected folders the first time.

just finished overall sync of all accounts.
The rule doesn’t work. 
I tried to delete it and rewrite it. 
No luck.

Hello Francesco,
let me ask again - does it not work only when it’s first received or does it not work even if you manually run it on the Inbox folder?


Both the issues.
no work when first received and no work when manually run

Hello Francesco,
are you applying the rules on read or unread messages?
Can you try marking the messages that should be filtered as unread and run the rule manually again?


ok now it works. It always worked anwyays. The issue is that the rule check the name saved for each email address in FROM field and not the email address itself. You should fix is to check directly the email address, since i could apply many different names to the same unique email address. This way the rule will stop working.

Hi Francesco,
thank you for the input, though this is indeed very strange, I have many rules set up with the condition of from “ that work flawlessly, but we’ll look into this.


Try to input both a contact with email address only and a contact with email address + Name.