does not receive email anymore

since yesterday em client does not receive anymore emails.

my version is 6.0.24928.0

kindly help me

thank you

Using the very same version without any issues.  My computer is running Windows 10 Pro x64 and I just installed eM Client yesterday as a replacement for Windows Live Mail 2012 that recently stopped working.  I have two email accounts, a account and one account.  All receive and can send emails.  I have to often hit the “Send and Recieve” menu item when I start it up, but would assume you would know that already. 

Perhaps a temporary situation with your email service?  I’ve had times when, for example, cannot retrieve emails. Didn’t matter what email client software I was using at the time. Usually Microsoft is working on their site at those times.  

I am using em client 3 months now. I do not think is a problem of the email service since I have no problem on receiving on my smartfone. 


What mail protocol and mail service provider are you using?