Does Lifetime License cover upgrades for multiple instances?

I am preparing to purchase two licenses for the Pro version of eM client (one each for my home and work computers).  I have a couple of questions about the Lifetime upgrade, however:

  1. If I buy Lifetime, will the upgrade track be applicable to both licenses or only to one?
  2. If applicable to only one license, is there a Lifetime discount for licenses 2-n (similar to how there is a discount for the base license itself for computers 2-n)?
  3. When purchasing Lifetime my understanding is that this provides indefinite software upgrade protection for no charge (e.g. when you release version 7 it will be available to me on both of my computers at no charge, as would version 8, etc.).  Is this correct?
  4. Does the Lifetime purchase also entitle me to VIP support indefinitely and for no additional charge?

Thanks for addressing these rudimentary questions.  I like your product and will be happy to pay for it.

Hello Ted,
the Lifetime upgrade must be purchased for each individual license. To apply the discounts, you need to buy it at the same time as your license, no discounts can be applied after the purchase is already made.
Check the pricing on our web calculator and check the lifetime upgrade option to include it in your final price.
You will receive all future updates and upgrade to new versions (version 7, 8 etc) free of charge, exactly.
As for the PRO support, I cannot unfortunately say at this time, as there are certain support policies changes being discussed.