Does it have to sync?

Hi there,

As I understand it, eM Client syncs with a web mail version (in my case Yahoo).

However, can it be set up not to sync but just to send e-mails when I click send and download e-mails when I click receive?

Many thanks.

You can set your account to use POP protocol and then uncheck the option in your account settings “Include when sending/receiving emails”.

Thanks for that Juraj.,

I’ve unchecked the “Include when sending/receiving emails”.

But what exactly do you mean by “set your account to use POP protocol” please?

My colleague meant, that you can disable your account (do not delete it, it is a sort of backup) and create the same account again in order to set POP protocol instead of IMAP. Simply click New account - Mail - Other and configure your account manually. If you have any further questions, email me at