Does import replace or merge with an existing folder?

I am about to start using eM Client. I have many emails in another email system in many different folders. It will take me some considerable time to do all of the conversions and imports as my old email client is not supported for import by eM Client. Can I set up eM Client now with all of my email accounts, then start using it, and at some later time import my old email (into like named folders) without destroying any email that might already be in the folders?  Put another way, when doing an import does the imported data merge with any existing data in the folder or does it replace all of the data in the folder?

Hi David, are you using an IMAP account or a POP account? If your mail server supports IMAP, you should be able to setup the account, which should automatically synchronize all the available items from the server.

If you’re using a POP account, you can setup the account and import the data at any time during the use of the application.
However I suggest using an IMAP account, this will allow you to keep a backup of your data on the server, allowing you to easily setup the account at any time/device.

Hope this helps,