Does EMClient work with Google Advanced Protection Program?

Looking into this to beef up my account security, but will it block EMClient and if so, are there are workarounds or planned workarounds?

As far as I know eM Client still doesn’t work with Google Advanced Protection due to Google Policy. Google blocks you from connecting (most third party) email clients that use IMAP.

I suspect Google would have to eg: whitelist eM Client to allow that advanced protection to work.

I haven’t tested that with EMC V9 Beta but I know it didn’t work in V8.x when I tried it last and it’s not likely it will work with upcoming V9 unless things have changed at the Google end.

However if it has changed I’m sure someone will update this thread.

For me I just use 2 step verification and a really good password in my Google account, which I personally think is good enough anyways.