Does eMclient support specifying folder or tag paths, e.g. slash separated?

I see that eMclient supports Gmail labels, both using the folder kluge mapping, and as eMclient tags. Great!

I can see that eMclient displays nested tags, e.g. Defer/Someday.

Q: can I specify tags (or folders) as / separated strings?

In eMclient right now I can do

  • select message
  • AppsKey or Right Click => menu
  • Tag
  • => a menu, with a “Search in Tags” text box

I can enter “Defer” in the search box, then press More, and then see a list of tag paths like Defer/Later, Defer/Someday… But I cannot enter “Defer/Later” into the search box.

Similar for the folder view of labels/tags

—+ Why I want this

I have many tag-labels. Too many, I admit.

The top few that are presented under tags are almost never the tags that I want, because of the sort order. (Please don’t tell me to put special characters like @ in front of my tax to make them sort higher. it sucks that the sort orders for Gmail and Outlook and Thunderbird are different.)

It’s slow to have to fill in search and then hit more…

Especially slow since I use speech recognition because of “computeritis” makes it difficult to type and use the mouse. I can say “Defer slash Weekend” much faster than I can can click around the menus.

—+ Background

E.g. I have several Defer label-tags: Defer, Defer/Briefly, Defer/Soon, Defer/Urgent, Defer/Someday

E.g. I have several Retention tag-labels: Retain, Retain/Keep-Forever, Retain/Deletable, Retain/Keep-7-years, etc.

E.g. I have quite a few Project and topic tag-labels, like riscv, riscv/vectors, etc.

E.g. heck, I might as well admit that I have almost 300 label-tags in Gmail that have accumulated over the years, some of which look like ZZ-old/_older/… I really need to clean these up, but I am reluctant to just discard the email and labels.

Go to Menu > Tags.
You can change the order of the tags, just drag them around.
Now back in the main UI, when you tag a message, that is the order they are displayed in the options.

Thanks, Gary, rearranging the tags will help.

Nevertheless, as far as I can tell there are 13 tags between the search box and the More item that gets me to a longer tag list - and I use more than 13 tags pretty frequently.

If I could enter a tag path like Defer/Someday or riscv/15th-focus-group into a text box like the search box - e.g. if Search in Tags understood /s - then I would never have a problem. And I think that speed things up not just for people like me who use speech commands, or people who use AutoHotKey, but also for many users.