Does emClient have auto-correct and auto capitalisation options which I can turn on? I've used them in Outlook and do miss them.

Because i regularly use certain names, titles and phrases I’d put in some auto-correct options in Outlook which took care of replacing my short hand with the full words. This doesn’t happen in eMClient and I haven’t been able to find an option for it anywhere.

Auto-capitalisation is another option in Outlook which I miss in eMClient

Am I missing the facility or is it something I can recommend for a future update?

I can recommend ‘ActiveWords’ to automatically expand text (in all Windows programs, not only in eM Client).

Hi Hans,
Thank you for your reply.
Never heard of this program so I’ll download it and give it a try.
Looked at what the website said about it which sounds what I’m looking for.
Cost is a bit heavy for a one off but balance that off with its licencing then it’s reasonable.

you can turn on spell check in Tools > Settings > General > Spell Checker and Auto Capitalization in Tools > Settings > Mail Compose.
However you can only turn on Auto Capitalization for the first letter in sentence.


I checked out active words and the free copy limited me to 25 words. The full version cost $50 USD. So do i spent the money on your app or theirs?

emClient has limited auto-capitalisation and no auto-correct that I’ve been able to find. It is not in the same league as Outlook in this regards. Like Hans I resorted to ActiveWords which covers a lot of the auto-correct ability found in Microsoft products. Advantage is that it is system wide and any product - including Microsoft products - now benefit from auto-correct. Downside is I needed to turn off auto-correct in Microsoft products  - where supported - as I could end up with multiple auto-corrections as both programs examine a trigger word. Also, sometimes I have to de-activate ActiveWords as it is very efficient and changes words I don’t want changed. I bought the licence for ActiveWord as well. Yes, it is expensive for one computer but I have it installed on all my computers which, to me, made it a reasonable price.