Does emclient free up gmail storage space after deleting attachments?

Hi all,

I configured my gmail, and I have deleted a couple of attachments (pdf, images) from the emclient Attachments All items page and I see that deleted attachments are deleted from the Gmail web mail too, but i keep refreshing the gmail storage and I dont see it increasing as I deleted attachments work 200MBs.
I am confused about this feature, how come the emclient will be able to delete the attachment only from the gmail server (not the actual email) and still not freeing up the space…!!!
can anyone clarify me ?


Have you cleared the attachments from the Gmail trash folder in eM Client or Online in Gmail ? If you haven’t that would probably be why there is no change in your Google storage.

Also in Google drive online, click the Trash / Bin folder part way down on the left and clear any deleted stuff in there too. Then refresh the page.

there is no emails from the trash either, I just deleted a few attachments from the eMclient Attachments section, and the same attachments are successfully removed from the emails (they did not delete the entire emails…)

No emails from both Gmail & Drive and eMclient…


any suggestions from anyone ?

If you don’t see any change from your Google Gmail storage quota even after clearing the email attachments from the Gmail trash folder as you have done already, then suggest to contact Google as (they host your mailbox) and will know why.

eM Client is merely a program to access your email, but doesn’t control your actual space.